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About Us

We are dawning on a new age where the power and knowledge to heal ourselves is returning to us. Black Sun Organics was created to provide simple but powerful solutions for the health and wellbeing of our fellow man. We strive to empower you to take back your health and launch you forward into to a bright, abundant, and healthy life. 

Upon observing a prevalence of high calorie, low quality, disease forming food that is widely available we were inspired to provide high quality, nutrient dense, and low calorie alternatives to help balance out the scale. Our Royal Moss line is made up of only a few ingredients but is packed with abundance of  minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients to supercharge any smoothie and recipe. We truly believe that health is wealth and is the most important investment one can make in their life.


All ingredients are carefully sourced to provide you the best quality Seamoss Gels. Thank you for letting us serve you in your journey to better health.